ASTRID Sweden was founded in Stockholm in 2019 as a response to the lack of timeless and elegant phone cases on the market, which can be used for every occasion all year around. Whether you are meeting a friend for coffee, having dinner at a finer restaurant, or heading for a night out, our phone cases are designed to complement your look. With emphasis on minimalistic design, functionality and exceptional quality, our vision is to make the phone case an integral part of every woman’s outfit.



All our phone cases have a stylish slim design, but is nevertheless exceptionally durable as they are made of strong polycarbonate (PC) plastic. Additionally, all phone cases are compatible with wireless charging and are magnetic so that you easily can use them with a ring holder for best possible grip when you for example scroll your feed or take a selfie.



The golden compass emblem found on all our phone cases adds a touch of luxury and elegance to our products – but also represents our brand, community and where we draw our inspiration from. Since the compass always has had a strong connection to sailing and travelling, it resonates well with our products and community – people who are inspired by the elegant nautical lifestyle, love to travel, and explore new things in life.